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tips to have the best spring cleaning
Spring is a good time to give new life to our spaces. During winters our home or work areas are usually kept closed and covered by thick fabrics to protect ourselves from the cold. Therefore, this station is ideal to refresh them. So, we share these 5 tips to have the best spring cleaning: 1) Ventilate the house completely. Before and while cleaning, open the windows and let the air circulate. You will allow your spaces to cool down and avoid odor saturation, especially if you use products that can vitiate the environment. 2) Plan and follow an order It all starts with a good plan. We recommend making a detailed list by room and lean on a calendar. Determine everything you have to clean and the time you want to spend on it. Assign a day for each space and do not try to do more than you know you will be able to fulfill 3) Change the seasonal clothes and get rid of the unnecessary Don't be hoarding, throw away or donate what you don't need. Check from the kitchen to the closets. Use a couple of large boxes in the room you are cleaning and dump all the junk in one and the ones you no longer use but want to keep in the other. When you finish, check the second box with things you want to keep and decide if you really want to keep them or if it is better to donate them. 4) Shake and clean ceilings and walls Remember to clean from top to bottom. Start with the ceiling, move on to the walls, furniture, and finally the floor. If your walls are painted with plastic paint, vacuum them up and use a damp cloth. If this was not enough, give it a coat of paint. Clean the frames, doors and windows. Don't forget the switches and baseboards, plus give all the glass and mirrors a good deal. Use products that are special for each surface and above all that are friendly to the environment. 5) Call DURACLEAN! There are surfaces that require special care, so we recommend you contact a professional who is in charge of cleaning and disinfecting carpets, rugs and furniture. Call Duraclean!

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